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Search engine optimization (SEO) is a strategy to improve your business’s ranking in search engines so you appear higher up in search results.

User experience (UX) focuses on creating the best, most intuitive experience for people who visit your website. 

It is a mistake to focus on SEO alone. SEO will get people to your website, UX will ensure that they stay and interact with your website. Our goal is to harmonize SEO and UX to ensure the best outcome for your business.

The process is both an art and a science. Every business has unique needs and their SEO/UX strategy will be tailored to those specific needs.

Here are some of the services we perform

  • SEO/UX Strategy Meetings: Review your business goals and how they apply to your web presence. Develop a profile of your customer, how they might interact with your website, and how you can create a frictionless experience. Brainstorm how customers may find you and what search terms they might use. Review the competition to find ways to improve your business and take advantage of areas where the competition is lacking.
  • Creative, Informative Content on Web Pages: We add creative content to your meta data, product and service descriptions, and information pages with a focus on an improved user experience and the inclusion of important keywords that drive traffic to your site.
  • Creative Blogging: We can help you set a schedule for regular informative articles related to your business. We can work with you to generate a list of topics to cover and we can even write those articles for you!
  • Intelligent, Keyword Specific Pages: Each page on your website should serve a purpose. Each page is like a stepping stone on a path to purchasing your products or engaging your services. Optimize your website flow with keyword rich landing pages.
  • Link Building Campaigns: We can help build and manage link building campaigns. Improve search engine ranking and overall credibility in your industry by building inbound links from other websites.
  • Analytic Tools: Generate reports to monitor your progress. Find out which keywords are gaining traction. Find out who visits your website and what pages they are checking out.
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