Web Design Services - SojournerWeb Studio

A website, done well, can be one of the greatest assets to your business. A website, done poorly, can be one of your greatest liabilities. 

SojournerWeb Studio specializes in websites for businesses. Whether it’s an ecommerce platform or information based website, we have the assets and experience to build your web presence.

As part of the development process, we start with your business goals. From there, we build the most streamlined, frictionless experience for website visitors, in order to best meet your business goals. This includes a lot of behind the scenes work, such as:

  • Responsive design to adapt to desktop, tablet, and mobile view.
  • Design focus on user experience, facilitating an optimized experience for website visitors
  • Search engine optimization to improve search engine ranking.
  • Website firewall and https encryption to prevent fraud and malware.
  • The utilization of assistive technologies for people with disabilities.
  • Integration of terms of use, privacy policy, and other business policies when warranted by industry/geography.
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